Welcome to Paranormal Pulse

Paranormal Pulse prides itself in its cooperative organizational structure, where all members have an equal say in how we do business! Pulse also believes all Paranormal Groups should work together! Doing so Pulse believes this will help all of us to further our understanding of the Paranormal!

Pulse is based in Utah. We believe in a scientific approach to the paranormal. Pulse uses a massive database of our own design to analyse every scrap of evidence, the equipment utilized, and all other situational conditions to determine what works best for capturing evidence of the paranormal - Video, Photos or EVP's and "why?" We do this so our results may be consistently duplicated and improved upon! To our knowledge, no other paranormal group manages their cases, equipment, and evidence so thoroughly and analytically. We use a state of the art application designed for paranormal groups to collect and catalogue all evidence and historical data for every investigation we do. We truly have our finger on the pulse of the paranormal.

Pulse has expanded to the UK
Pulse is now in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Do you need our Help?
Do you need help? Would you like us to do an investigation? Do you think you might have a haunting? Residence or Commercial locations Pulse can help! If you need us or maybe you just have a question, if so please contact us by clicking on Contact Pulse menu item.

Pulse Clients
Clients get their own web page to view all evidence we collect at their location. This includes - Reports, Historical Data, Pulse Comments and Analysis of all EVP's, Video and anything else we find. Clients can also decide what if anything to make public. All evidence we collect on an investigation can be downloaded by the client at any time. Our services are 100% FREE!

Pulse is accepting Applications for Memberships in Utah
So if you think you have what it takes and live in Utah and you can dedicate some of your time to this field and this is something you are interested in please click on the Join Pulse menu and fill out the application. It only takes a few minutes. If you have any problems with the application please contact us.

Pulse is expanding!
Pulse is looking to expand to other States. If you have a group and would like to join the Pulse Team let us know! If you think you have what it takes to start a Pulse Team from the ground up let us know! Be on the Pulse Team!

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