Some of the most asked questions about Paranormal Pulse


Q: Are the cases, investigations, and evidence on your site all that you have?

A: The short answer is "Definitely Not"

Paranormal Pulse goes further than any other paranormal investigation team we've ever come across; not by a single step, but by leaps and bounds!

Our clients are each given their own web address, with direct access to their case information. There, they can see all of the information regarding their case, and they are empowered to establish permissions on this information, to include the evidence we have collected. This means our clients have control over what aspects of their case will be revealed to the public. Some of our clients will opt to keep all aspects of their case private, some may simply keep their personal information private, and others may allow everything to be revealed.

When the client changes these permissions, the case information available to you here immediately changes as well, so check back often to see what's new!

Also, we have several historical locations we are gathering historical background information, floor plans, etc. on before we approach the owners for permission. Those cases will not be displayed until the client is approached, and he/she sets his/her permissions.


Q: Why are there multiple like-items on the equipment page?

A: The short answer is "For Data Collection Purposes"

Paranormal Pulse takes data analysis to the next level by tracking which specific piece of equipment captured what evidence, and under what circumstances.

Tracking each piece of equipment, and analyzing said equipment's operating characteristics (e.g., frequency response, operating range, etc.) with the collected evidence can reveal surprising details regarding what works well, and what does not in paranormal investigations. Even equipment which is virtually identical to another piece of equipment can operate differently, with better or worse results.

Paranormal Pulse strives to learn from each and every investigation, and collecting valuable information into our database regarding all aspects of a case, is the best place to start for scientific study!


Q: I am living/working in a location that I think is haunted. Will you take my case?

A: The short answer is "We are ALWAYS taking Case Submissions"

Paranormal Pulse will always accept your Case Submission (See "Contact Us" for the online Case Submission form).

The online Case Submission form will collect a great deal of information from you, so please be prepared to spend 10 minutes or more completing it. Additional instructions and information will be provided on the submission form itself.

Please Note: Paranormal Pulse does not "Cleanse" locations.

We come in to try and find natural or scientifically explainable causes for the events taking place. We will, of course, always be forthright and honest with you in regards to our findings and, when possible, will help you to reduce or eliminate the natural or explainable causes; however, Paranormal Pulse makes no claims whatsoever as to an ability to "force out" or "remove" paranormal activity from your dwelling. Please, be leery of any group which claims to be able to help in this capacity.

By eliminating the natural or scientifically explainable, Paranormal Pulse will be left with a clean slate to investigate the paranormal.


Q: I have a photo/video/audio clip I'd like you to review. Will you take a look at it?

A: The short answer is "Unfortunately, unless it's for a current case in our database, No"

Paranormal Pulse takes an extreme scientific approach to investigating the paranormal. In order to properly analyze any evidence, the operating characteristics of the equipment, environmental conditions, and the like, need to be taken into consideration. Without this information, at best all we can tell you is that your evidence is "Interesting". For this reason, and this reason alone, we will not review any evidence sent to us by individuals other than our clients (who have already been provided a means of supplying us with evidence they have captured themselves). Our sincerest apologies.


Q: I would love to be an investigator, are you taking applications?

A: The short answer is "We are ALWAYS taking applications"

Paranormal Pulse strongly believes in having a strong pool of people, and we will always accept an application (See "Contact Us" for the online application).

The online application form will collect a great deal of information about you, so please be prepared to spend 10 minutes or more completing the online application (and have a photo of yourself ready to upload into our database so we can put a face to your name). Additional instructions and information will be provided on the application form itself.

Please Note: Completing an online application is not a guarantee that you will be selected to become an investigator with Paranormal Pulse. Applicants having technical, information-technology, historical research, marketing, and/or prior paranormal research experience are always in demand; however, the more complete your answers are, the better your chances! So, please, take your time, and fill out the online application completely.

The needs of Paranormal Pulse will determine when and whom Paranormal Pulse will pull from the applicants for an interview.