Welcome to Paranormal Pulse

Paranormal Pulse prides itself in its cooperative organizational structure, where all members have an equal say in how we do business! Pulse also believes all Paranormal Groups should work together! Doing so Pulse believes this will help all of us to further our understanding of the Paranormal!

Paranormal Pulse is a scientifically based organization that uses logical, evidence-based reasoning to research, investigate, and gain knowledge in the paranormal field. Paranormal Pulse has a deep devotion to the preservation of history; therefore, our team routinely helps businesses, municipalities, and individual historical locations in their fundraising endeavors. We never charge clients for our services, and we take client confidentiality very seriously. We will never publicly release any information without the prior consent of the client. Paranormal Pulse's professionalism and passion for the paranormal have earned us a highly respected and stellar reputation. Several members of our group have almost 3 decades of investigative experience. Clients can be confident that Paranormal Pulse will always be professional, truthful, and respectful. We have our finger on the pulse of the paranormal. 

Do you need our Help?
Do you need help? Would you like us to do an investigation? Do you think you might have a haunting? Residence or Commercial locations Pulse can help! If you need us or have a question, please contact us by clicking on the Contact Pulse menu item.

Pulse Clients
Clients get everything that we collect on the investigation. This includes - Reports, Historical Data, Pulse Comments, and Analysis of all EVPs, Videos, and anything else we find. Clients can also decide what if anything they want public. All evidence we collect on an investigation can be downloaded by the client at any time. Our services are 100% FREE! Everything belongs to our clients. 

Pulse is looking to investigate in other states. If you have a location that you would like us to investigate, we will take you with us. You will get to use our equipment and be a Pulse investigator for that investigation.