About Pulse

Another Paranormal Investigations Group? Why?

The Paranormal Pulse was developed as a living, breathing, organization. All members have an equal say in every aspect of its development, growth, and management. Paranormal Pulse was founded on the concept that a paranormal investigations team must learn something in regard to the paranormal with every single investigation it performs. Collecting sound or video clips means nothing, even if they are the best evidence of the paranormal to date, if something wasn't learned about "why?" we were successful. One of the principal fundamentals of any science is to be able to consistently achieve a goal! For example, scientists researching cures for life-threatening diseases don't release a 'cure' at the first sign of success. They look for a high statistical probability of success for each suspected cure before releasing it to the general public. The same concept applies to us. In order to achieve this, we must research why we are successful, and what we need to do to achieve multiple successes.

Information, theories can be developed, and hypotheses explored, regarding the multitude of variables that exist in this uncertain field.

Many, if not all of us, were previously with at least one other paranormal investigations group in the area prior to joining Paranormal Pulse, and we quickly discovered that this concept of learning is not common amongst others in our field. Most other paranormal investigations teams are there simply for the thrill of the hunt, and/or are managed in such a way that only one person has a say in how the team will proceed. This way of thinking and managing a paranormal investigation team is counter-productive and constraining and yields few consistent results. Not all of our competition is this way though, there are some exceptions--and we applaud these teams for their forward-thinking, and cooperative organization. 

That being said, there is a happy medium. We wouldn't be in this if we didn't enjoy it, and we always want to enjoy ourselves and have a good time, but we do so professionally, and without misrepresentation. Be wary of those paranormal investigation groups who claim to be able to help. While their intentions may be good, how can any team truly help when this science is so unexplored? Until we can determine the constants of paranormal activity, a consistent means of verifying it, and a knowledge of how it interacts with us, how can any group claim to be able to 'get rid of' spirits?

Paranormal Pulse is based in Utah. We do investigate in Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada.